1. Check 3 African American Female Blues and/or Jazz Singers:

____Maxine Roach
__x_Natalie Cole
__x__Ella Fitzgerald

____Patrice Rushen
____Dorothy Ashby
__x__Bessie Smith


2. Match the performer with the Title:


a. "Lady Day"
b. "Empress of the Blues"
c. "Mother of the Blues"
d. "Satchmo"
e. "First Lady of Song"

_d___Louis Armstrong
_e___Ella Fitzgerald
_a___Billie Holiday
_b__ Bessie Smith
_c___Gertrude "Ma" Rainey


3. "The Lady Who Swings The Band" is:

____Betty Carter
_x__Mary Lou Williams
____Cicely Tyson


4. Check 3 Great African American Trumpeters who played Jazz and Blues:

____Duke Ellington
_x__Dizzy Gillespie
_x__Louis Armstrong

____Charles Mingus
_x__Miles Davis
____Eubie Blake


5. Match the Musician with the Instrument:


a. Shirley Scott
b. Charlie "Bird" Parker
c. Lil Hardin Armstrong
d. Melba Liston
e. Alice Coltrane

e. Harp
a. Organ
b. Saxophone
c. Piano
d. Trombone


6. Who composed the lyrics to the song "God Blessed The Child"?

_x__Billie Holiday
____George Gershwin



7. Dexter Gordon and Sonny Stitt both played what instrument?

____ Bass Clarinet
__x_ Tenor Saxophone


8. Charles Mingus and Ron Carter play __bass________.


9. What singer sang with Saxophonist Lester "Prez" Young?

Billie Holiday



10. Tony Williams, Art Blakey and Lenny White all play drums



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