Actress Ibidun Allison and two of her daughters, Jumoke and Bola featured in the Sunday pull-out STYLE of This Day

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Joan Cartwright


My goal is to connect as many culturally adept people as possible and you are on the top of the list!

Please contact one another and arrange to meet and possibly schedule interviews

Joan Cartwright


CD Release July 7, 2006

Michael and Regine Serrano live in the Bronx, NY. They are gourmet diners who offer a newsletter to people looking for the best places to eat in New York City. Regine's Recipes uses the ingredients for the best jams, piquant sauces and other condiments that when applied to foods will make your mouth water. I know, I'm her mother-in-law. Regine's recipe for Curry sauce caused me to create a chicken dish that would make your mouth water! Visit REGINE'S Recipes

Nigerian actress Ibidun Allison is best known in her country as Amebo, the town gossip of the 23-year running VILLAGE HEADMASTER, a soap opera written by Wole Soyinka. Ibidun is working on the Commission for Copyrights for the Nigerian Government. She has also been on the Commission for Sports and traveled to Australia for the Olympics. Diva JC will feature Allison reading WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE COLORED AND ME by Zora Neal Hurston on her upcoming TV show, PURSUIT TV, on People TV - Ch 24, in Atlanta, in 2006.

Jus' Cynthia is an entertainment icon. In St. Thomas, she had a business as a clown delivering Happy Birthday messages across the island. In Florida, she sings with bands, does theater and records. Cynthia brings joy to each place she visits! In Europe, we took care of serious musical business and she took me to visit Ombassa and Ade.

Her CD, Love Glow, was produced by Jon Lucien. You can hear it and buy it at   -

Ombassa and Ade are in Hastings, England, have a business that  produces CDs for spiritual upliftment called LIFE CONVERSATIONS.  See photos of us together

Shameka Gumbs is the CEO of Creative Circle Entertainment and founder of the ATLANTA HIP HOP FILM FESTIVAL, which was held for the first time in 2005, highlighting several films dedicated to the theme and offering panelists with knowledge and expertise in the field of filmmaking, particularly in the realm of Hip Hop. -

Frank and Audrey Peterman - are award-winning environmentalists with a wonderful newsletter distributed throughout the country and in the National Parks, where they offer guided tours.

Their site is
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Nate Perkins is an author - and a television show producer and host - NATE PERKINS LIVE! that airs in Jonesboro, on Comcast - Ch 25, Monday thru Friday from 7 to 7:30 p.m. and on Atlanta's PEOPLE TV - CH 24, every Tuesday night at 11:30 p.m.

Coming soon. . .

Visit his site

Dr. Solomon Tutu produces International Trends Live that airs on Atlanta's People TV, Channel 24 - on Wednesday @ 1:30 p.m.  |

Kim Denmark walks across America. She is in her fifth year of walking from Ohio through 13 states for welfare reform, homelessness and poverty. She plans to walk for two more years and through ALL of the states including Hawaii. Donate to this good cause at

Michael and Regine Serrano

Jus' Cynthia

Ade & Ombassa & JC


Shameka Gumbs

Audrey Peterman

Nate Perkins

Dr. Solomon Tutu

Kim Denmark

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