Hugh Masekela and Jamila Alleyne
Broward Center for the Performing Arts (2008)



Philip Michael Thomas

Featuring Hugh Masekela on trumpet

June 16, 2008

Sample Image Hey Music Lady, I am so glad you are awake. 

LOVE WROTE THIS SONG is just a demo recording that was one of five of my original compositions that I recorded with Dionne at Miamiway Theater/Spaceship Recording Studios in 1991 and they have never been released. I am glad you love it. 

I enjoyed reading your article on Dionne, too. I have been traveling and just returned to Miami for a few days.

I am so happy that I was able to jump-start your recording career with your first demo tape. (First 3 songs on IN PURSUIT. . .)


I am very proud of all your accomplishments and to see that you are continuing share your musical gifts with the world.

I am sending you a MP3 of me singing BROTHER 2 BROTHER, that I recorded with Hugh Masekela blowing his horn and all South African musicians in Johannesburg South Africa in 1998. I believe the song is still a World Anthem for the Brotherhood of Man.

Hugh Masekela - Atlanta Jazz Festival - Chastain Park (Photo by Joan Cartwright 2004)


Philip Michael Thomas


Philip Michael Thomas

Born in Columbus, OH, on May 26, 1948, Philip Michael Thomas grew up Los Angeles and San Bernadino, California. He has been involved in many projects since Miami Vice. In 1991, he starred with Bud Spencer in a six part mini series titled Extra Large that was filmed on location for seven months in Miami.  In 1995 and 1996, he starred in another six part mini series We Are Angels with Bud Spencer in Costa Rica. The series was syndicated in Europe and South America.  In 1999 he Co-wrote a family musical title Sacha and the Magic Cookie Maker with Sandi Morais.  The play has been produced eight times.  Over the years of re-writing and re-structuring the name of the play was changed to Sacha on Broadway.  Click on the Sacha button and read about Philip Michael Thomas' wonderful co-creation of an inspiring and empowering musical.  Philip also composed and co-wrote most of the music for Sacha.  His compositions and lyrics from Sacha has touched the hearts of many people who have seen the play over the years.  Philip and Sandi also wrote a children's coloring story book titled Sacha and the Magic Cookie Maker.  In 2001 Philip went on a National tour with the play Mamma Dees Girls playing the role of  Steamboat  with a cast that included Jennifer Holliday, Ali Woodson and Charlie Wilson.  In 2002 he starred in the movie Fate with Lee Majors and Michael Pere. The movie can be seen currently on DVD.  In 2002 Philip created the character of Lance Vance for the number one video game Grand Thief Auto/ Vice City. 

In 2005, Philip and Sandi opened Sacha on Broadway in New York City at the Theater of the  Riverside Church.  In 2006 Philip continued with the character Lance Vance again for the video game Grand Thief Auto and he also starred in icons of the 80's Trivial Pursuit with Cyndi Lauper, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, Downtown Julie Brown, Kelly LeBrock, Charlotte Rae and DMC.  As a health enthusiast Philip has also been involved in health related projects.  The Golden Workout Company produced Sandi Morais' 30-minute high-energy Tune-Up DVD workout and Philip produced the seven exciting music tracks for the workout.  Also featured on the Tune-Up DVD is a special bonus with Philip singing My, My, My Miami a song he co-wrote with Kathy Rahill that became the official city anthem of Miami in 1994.

Philip Michael Thomas

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Manager: Kaye Porter -


Sandi Morais - 


Words by Philip Michael Thomas & Kassandra J. Thomas

Music by Philip Michael Thomas

We hold these truths to be self-evident…

We hold these truths to be self-evident…

We hold these truths to be self-evident…

We hold these truths to be self-evident…


Brother 2 brother …-working side by side as friends

Harvesting crops for the betterment of man (horn solo)

Sister 2 Brother it’s time to stand up tall

Brother to Sister we can share it all


We’ve got to be an example

So the little ones won’t fall

They are the pioneers of tomorrow

With a universal call

They ride the wings of time

Developing their minds (horn solo)

Reaching into inners-pace

New discoveries they must face

-Chorus (Brother 2 Brother)

Oh, its time to take a stand

-Chorus (Brother 2 Brother)

You hold the key in your hand

-Chorus (Sister 2 Brother)

Ooo…ooo…we all embrace

-Chorus (Sister 2 brother)

With love and understanding

For the whole human race


Brother 2 Brother…we’ve got to live by the golden rule

-Chorus (By the golden rule)

Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you (horn solo)

-Chorus (ooo…ooo…ooo)


Sister 2 Brother…we all embrace

With love and understanding for the whole human race

We’ve got to be an example so the little ones don’t fall

-Chorus (haa…. aaah)

They are the pioneers of tomorrow with a universal call

They ride the wings of time…developing their minds

Reaching into inner-space new discoveries they must face


You’ve got to love it to get it

You’ve got to give it to have it

Do you hear what I say?

-Chorus (You’ve go to love is to get it…you’ve got to give it)

-Chorus (Brother 2 brother…)

Working side by side as friends

-Chorus (Brother 2 brother…)

For the betterment of man

-Chorus (Sister 2 brother…

Sister 2 brother…its time to stand up tall

-Chorus (Sister 2 brother)…

Brother 2 sister… can share it all


We hold these truths to be self-evident

That all men and women are created equal

To have life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Mothers and fathers…daughters and sons

Loving each other in unity as one

(Eight bars of music)

-Chorus (Brother 2 Brother.)

Oh…. ooo its time to take control

-Chorus (Brother 2 brother)

Let the revelation of God fill your soul

-Chorus (Sister 2 brother)

Sisters, friends and mothers…

-Chorus (Sisters to brothers)

We have to respect each other

Oh…ooo…Fathers and mothers

You’re the procreators of lovers

-Chorus (Brother 2 brother)

Ooo …ooo…ooo…yes you are…

Ooo …ooo…ooo …yeah…

-Chorus (Sister 2 brother)

Ooo…ooo… yeah… yeah…sidd..did…. it.

(Scat and ad lib out)

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