Acknowledging the Universe

January 2003

It is Gratitude that brought me here. That's Love, Gratitude. Thankfulness for Blessings is how WE acknowledge the Universe and all it's splendor including humans, wildlife, earth, air, water, fire, space and beyond.

Gratitude soothes the scourge of a broken heart. "I'm happy I found out that we were incompatible before we fell too deeply in LOVE." If it doesn't fill me with joy, happiness, harmony, peace and worth, it is not for me. This is what I've learned to be a truth.

As a creative being, I AM responsible for my World, my Universe, in that my THOUGHTS shape my experience and my REACTIONS shade them. However, when I surrender to SPIRIT, that inner part of me, and allow IT to work in my favor, I must be grateful when all is well.

That is how I AM living.
Grateful Goddess

Volume 1 Issue 1

What They Want Us To Know

Did you see the movie CONTACT with Jodie Foster?

Remember the scene with her father? That's what I believe the Ascended Host is waiting to tell us. They are always there. We, in the Third Dimension, can  acknowledge the assistance that they can give us and receive abundant aid from the Universe.

Has this been your experience?

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Sisters All


Are you fed up with online hoopla from life coaches, gurus, fortune tellers and naysayers who thrive by convincing YOU that something is wrong with YOUR LIFE? 




Are you fed up with others telling you YOUR life is not doable? 

Who holds the key to unlocking your most cherished desires? 

Who knows how YOUR brain works?

Who can straighten out YOUR LIFE?

Explore YOURSELF in ways that no mentor, teacher or guru can. Choose the path YOU wish to take to awareness, consciousness and well-being.

A True Fairy Tale by Gal Logan

Once upon a time, there was a nice lady, who had a bad habit of pushing too hard. When she was at the supermarket, she pushed the cart too hard and bumped into another cart, making another lady cross with her.

"Excuse me," she said, "I pushed it too hard."

When she pushed the door, she pushed it too hard and it  slammed so loud it made the cat jump and run down the hallway.

When she pushed the drawer shut so hard one time, it broke on one side and never was repaired.

So, she said, "I need a miracle, something magical to make me stop pushing so hard!"

With that, she picked up a magic wand and waved it in the air from side to side and, lo and behold, she found herself pushing softly, gently.

No more broken drawers.

No more slamming doors.

No more shopping carts bumping into other shopping carts.


If you want something to change, you have to ask for a miracle to help you change something you are doing.


January 1, 2011 @ 12 Noon

I was conversing with my daughter about this tale. I told her that most of us miss the point that we are NOT in control of anything and all we have to do is ASK the Universe for what we want and acknowledge that everything we get comes from the Universe.


Once I realized that I had to surrender, relinquish control of my life to a Higher Powers, My Mighty I AM Presence, everything fell into place. Does this mean I stop feeling fear and doubt? I don't think so. I still have tinges of those two destructive illusions. However, I now have the sensibility to pause before I leap over the edge of psychological destruction. I pause, breathe, count to 17 and breathe again. Something changes.


I got this exercise from Abraham Hicks, I believe, not absolutely sure. But what I know when i take a break for 17 seconds, something changes. Then, I take it for another 17 seconds, and another and I notice something wonderful happens. I've taken three deep breaths and my mind is relaxed. When I return to what I was doing, I'm refreshed, clear and concise.


Breathe, stop for 17 seconds and then the next breath is just natural.

Peace and Happy New Year

Diva JC