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Joan Cartwright

Joan Cartwright President and CEO

Dear Joan,

I am so thrilled and honored to hear from You. I have been a fan for a long time. I have friends in the business who are loyal fans of yours and I have been hoping one day to meet you. I cannot believe that you wrote to me.

I have done many articles on the subject of women being overlooked in every profession.

I will attach just a couple of recent articles and I will also attach the cover of a book that will be released in a few weeks.

I am a former Stax recording artist, producer and writer. I also own Mission Park Records. My wife is the only artist that I am producing at this time. I am also attaching a brief bio on her.

We have so much in common and I hope to work with you if possible. I am sure you can help my wife with her career and I hope to be of service to you and your company.

I hope I have not overloaded you with material. I am sure you did not expect to get this much back.

Please allow me to hear back from you. I am at your service and thrilled to death.

Bernie Hayes wrote:

Bernie Hays,

I never mean to diminish your message, but this is so true of all human endeavors. As a musician, I realize that the world celebrates about 5 Women in Jazz and Blues:

Ella, Sarah, Billie, Bessie and Betty. Though there are hundreds of women who made marks in the music, these 5 get all the notoriety, unless those of us who communicate to the world that there are others who work double time.

So, I would have to agree with you about Claudette Colvin. The history of too many of us has been a footnote, simply because we fail to document and define our lives for ourselves, letting those in the "majority" do it for us. [In Pursuit of a Melody by Joan Cartwright]

I am a documenter. Read my life at I am who I am because of those who came before me.

Love, Light and Music,
Joan Cartwright

There are several websites highlighting the events surrounding the heroic deed of Claudette Colvin. One suggests that Claudette Colvin could easily be lost in the crowd. Her short hair is neatly curled; she wears eyeglasses and a small pair of gold hoop earrings. She dresses modestly and looks more like someone's kindly grandmother than the woman who 50 years ago was a catalyst for one of the most famous events in civil rights history. Where is she in the history books?

Now, 65 years old, she's retired and lives in the Bronx. She calls herself a footnote in history.

That is the problem. Most of our true history does not depict even a footnote.

This by no means diminishes the action of Rosa Parks, but Colvin should also be remembered. What do you think?  I can be reached by fax at (314) 837-3349 or by e-mail at

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 What is SLAM Vocal Therapy?

SLAM Vocal Therapy is a workshop designed for those who have reached an impasse with their voice,

for those who have given up on their voice, or find themselves more frustrated than fulfilled when they sing.  


It is a workshop for those who sing for the fun of it and want to see what else their voice can do; 

 it's for those who have always wanted to sing, but haven't figured out how to break through that "fear barrier";

it's for those who want to stop being overly-analytical and critical of their own voices and just sing! 

This workshop is for you 
FRIDAY: 6pm-9pm
Loving the Truth Of Your Voice
Getting acquainted with your voice's story and history
A Bird's Critic
Re-thinking how we listen to other singers and ourselves
SATURDAY: 10am-5pm 
Sing Like A Murderer 
Are you singing the song?  The story of the song?  Or the story behind the song?
What's Missing In The Standards?
Why should anyone come hear you sing??
 Are You Nervous?
Bringing your "kitchen" to the stage
The Importance of Silence & Stillness
Learning to be comfortable with the negative 
 SUNDAY: 10am-5pm 
Flawed Artists and Their Art
How your "flaws" can ricochet you to musical bliss
Restoring Emotion to Music
When the emphasis is more on form and performance, but not feeling - that's pornography!
Follow Your Muse
Are you willing to get rid of the music you've planned so you can sing the music that is waiting for you?
Being The Leader
Avoiding the pitfalls typically associated with singers
  • "Sing Like A Murderer" Vocal Therapy Workshops are small - up 10 participants per workshop. 

  • Each participant sings solo and/or in groups, if desired. 

  • Internal inquiry, personal reflection, journaling and questions are encouraged.  

  • Guest speakers for one session each on Saturday and Sunday.

Cost per workshop: $250.00
A light meal provided.
12445 Vrain Circle
Broomfield, CO 80020

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