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Victory's Affirmation: I AM calling on
  • Cosmic Love
  • Cosmic Victory
  • Cosmic Forgiveness
  • Cosmic Joy
Joe's Affirmation
  • I love you
  • I'm Sorry
  • Please Forgive Me
  • Thank You

Summary version of the 10 Insights:

First Insight. Synchronicities (meaningful coincidences or connected events that can not be explained by ordinary science) are real, frequent, meaningful, purposeful, and enlivening;

Second Insight. Through psycho-spiritual historical reflection we can live in a "longer now" and see through our historical, cultural, and consciousness fixations;

Third Insight. The world consists of energy that human beings can directly interact with in ways that transcend current scientific understanding;

Fourth Insight. Humans compete with each other for energy, and by recognizing this habit, we can transcend it;

Fifth Insight. Through a mystical awareness and focus on "beauty" we can supply ourselves with nearly unlimited energy;

Sixth Insight. Our control dramas from our childhood hold us back and must be "cleared" or transcended;

Seventh Insight. By paying attention to our thoughts and experiences, and by focusing on positive outcomes, we fully engage in our own personal evolution;

Eighth Insight. A new "interpersonal ethic" is arising which teaches us to promote ourselves by James Redfield energetically promoting others;

Ninth Insight. A grand and glorious future awaits humanity as we become aware of and begin to practice the wisdom of the previous Insights; and

Tenth Insight. We can maintain our optimism and stay awake, and integrate the previous Insights, by seeing our lives from the higher perspective of the "Afterlife."  

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Cel Ins
Cel Med
Joy of Med

The scrolls were said to be discovered during the time of Celestine V, the reluctant Pope

  • About Celestine V

  • Lived a hermetic life

  • Love Solitude

  • Only Pope to abdicate, canonized on May 5, 1313 - The primary objective of his pontificate was to reform clergy, many of whom were using spiritual power to obtain wordly power. Celestine sought a way to bring the faithful to the original Gospel spirit, and he settled on "Pardon" - he called for a year of forgiveness of sins, and return to evangelical austerity and fidelity. He reigned five months, and the members of the Vatican Curia took advantage of him. This led to much mismanagement, and great uproar in the Vatican. Knowing he was responsible, Celestine asked forgiveness for his mistakes, and abdicated on 13 December 1294, the only pope to do so. His successor, Boniface VIII, kept Celestine hidden for the last ten months of his life in a small room in a Roman palace. Celestine may have appreciated it - he never lost his love of the hermit's life, and spent his last days in prayer.


On the other hand. . .

Why I Hate The Celestine Prophecy

Always, there  remains the other side of the coin. Read Ken Moyle's POV on this 98-week NY Times best-seller phenomenon by James Redfield.