What Am I?
I AM a Human Being?
A Human Being what?
Being whatever my mind can envision.
What does your mind envision you being?
My mind sees me being a mentor, a teacher,
A guide to joy.
My mind sees me bringing joy to
And out of other Humans Being.

Grateful Goddess Joan

Have a rich day!

"Men, yes. Women, yes. Children, black and white, yes, yes. I have something to say about being a human being, who we really are and can really be, that we can be more than we appear. If we believed, if we trusted, if we had the courage to step outside the box and smile at someone of a different color, someone who calls God by a different name -- just a little bit of that can make a difference." - Maya Angelou

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fyicomminc - 2004 Joan Cartwright


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