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Core of Fire, A guide to Yoruba spiritual activism

By Iyalorisa Aina Olomo

Published by Athelia Henrietta Press

It is surprising that this is her first book because her every conversation is saturated with powerful instruction.  With this book, she is sharing this dynamic understanding of Yoruba practice with those eager to move beyond narrowness and restrictions.

Some will find her proclamations controversial. Indeed, hers is a distinctive voice among those writing about Yoruba spirituality. Many will soon begin debating her concepts of a Core Belief System, the significance of ancestor veneration for those of us west of the Atlantic, and the need to dismantle the walls that divide spiritual communities.  And I am eager for the debate to begin! This will ensure that Yoruba practice remains vibrant, and that it will not stagnate into fossilized ideas that serve no one.

Iyalosha Aina Olomo Sango Oba Bi has undertaken an enormous task—to follow her Ori in spite of the sacrifices and to give humanity a way of moving toward its fullest expression.  

To her I say, —“Eku ise o! —Well done!”  And to the readers of this exceptional work I say, “Savor the challenges that lay ahead. May these words bring you strength and peace.”

Iya Omi Osun
Joni L. Jones, Ph.D.

INTERVIEW by Awo Fa'lokun at the AWO Study Center

The Core of Fire
ver the past twenty years, the literature on Ifa-Orisa has shifted from books by anthropologists talking about what we do, to books by initiates talking about what we believe. Aina Olomo, in her book, CORE OF FIRE: A Path to Yoruba Spiritual Activism, has taken the next step. She has started the dialogue on the social implications of our beliefs and gives insight into questions related to the spiritual and ancestral obligations of elevating the world around us. This is an important shift in literature on Ifa-Orisa, and I say, Iba se Ara Orun Ile Olomo as thanks for this illuminating book. It is a must read for anyone who takes serious the Ifa belief that says we are born to greet the earth and to leave it a better place.


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