Volume II, Issue 4
JANUARY 2002  
WINTER is upon us

Well, I'm dreamin' of the day
When my sorrows fly away
And the Sun is shining bright
Before my eyes
Dreamin'1981 Joan Cartwright

Life is a Dream

Motherland Bridge Gallery is the culmination of 17 years of dreaming, wishing for a place that I created for the Arts. It's there, at 508 Northwest First Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, my dream of a  portal, a small opening into the vast world or art now exists, stands forth as a meeting house, a gathering place, a center for the pursuit of that which is artistic.

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The Vision of Spirit

by Andrew Moss

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By Joan Cartwright

Recognize that you deserve all the best that life has to offer. You are a child of God, of the Universe and your choice is the only thing that prevents you from living to the fullest.

C hange your scorn to compassion and see a remarkable alteration in your relationships!

Have fun with Joan Abroad!

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GaiaNews 2002 Joan Cartwright, M.A.

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