Volume I, Issue 2
July, 2000
Put on a happy face!
Progress is in a smile
By Joan Cartwright, M.A.


The secret of success is not in marketing nor in smart investment strategies, but in how often you smile.

Personal happiness is the one element that can effect how successful you are. False smiles are recognizable, immediately. But a real smile, a genuine smile, is the key to good relations with almost anyone with whom you come in contact.

In order to form a smile, which, by the way, uses less facial muscles than does frowning, you must first have a good feeling inside. In other words, you must be happy and that can take some doing for those who are overwrought with bills, deadlines and just too much responsibility. So, you must exercise smiling in a way that will open up doors in your world to increase the light within your wonderful being.
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Meditation can be the key to personal happiness.

Many people believe that monks sitting on top of a mountain can only do meditation. However, there are many times and places where you meditate without even thinking about what it is you are doing. Have you ever taken a walk in a park and watched the leaves rustle on the branches of trees? That’s meditation. What about a stroll on the beach where you watch a pelican dive into the water for its lunch? That can be meditation, too. The definition of meditation can encompass many different moods. Simply put, meditation is the act of quieting the mind and redirecting energy for the purpose of relaxation and ultimate personal joy and happiness. Align yourself with the idea of relaxing and finding inner peace and you can smile more often. In your car, while caught in a traffic jam, use that time as an opportunity to meditate. Think pleasant thoughts. Watch others with the idea that they, too, are in a position where they can choose to be happy or sad. The choice is theirs and yours to make. Unhappily, too many people choose frustration over happiness. Make up your mind to be happy rather than frustrated and watch the smile that crosses your mind and, subsequently, your face.©

A smile can brighten another’s day!

Learn the importance of smiling. It can become an infectious practice. Start by smiling at the people you meet in the parking lot, grocery store, at the cleaners, or wherever your daily routine may take you. Rather than complaining about the long line at the checkout counter, use the opportunity to brighten the day of the person behind you simply by offering a smile and an encouraging statement like, “It’s really a beautiful day, isn’t it?” Do you think the other person will say, “No, it isn’t.” It’s unlikely that she or he will because most people respond according to how they are approached. 

That’s why so many people are unhappy because they meet more unhappy than happy people. Change that statistic in your life by bringing happiness with you wherever you go. The same person that screams at the driver in front of her may welcome the chance to smile once you’ve offer her a reason to do so. Even at work where everyone may be uptight because their desks are covered with more work than time to do it, you can affect change by keeping a happy outlook about things. After all, the work will always be there. It’s your attitude about what your are doing that can make the difference.

Deep breathing techniques also help in short-term meditation. You stop by the water fountain to take a 20-second sip of water. Stand 10 more seconds and take a deep, invigorating breath. Hold it for 10 seconds and, as you blow it, out think about any negative feelings you might be experiencing at that moment and blow them out with that breath for another 10 more seconds. You still have 10 seconds to spare!!!

Mind over matter is the operative theory, here. Believe you are happy and you feel happier. Then, impart that feeling to those around you. The old adage, “Whistle while you work”, may not be lost, after all.

Keep in mind that if a happy face is the first thing strangers see when they meet you, it is probably the last thing they will remember once you’re out of sight. That smile you offer a storeowner you are trying to sell inventory can make the difference between a one-time order or an lifetime relationship. Instead of selling product, try selling happiness. Offer your clients 10 minutes of bright, sunny attitude and the sale will go better than you ever imagined. If a client feels that you are inherently happy with yourself, and with what you do, she will be more inclined to want to see you the next time she needs items from your product line.©


You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. In this case, the honey is your smile.



It’s obvious that children with parents who love them do better than those who are asides in their parent’s lives. The proverbial kiss and hug from Mom and Dad keeps a child on an even keel. Try it and see.


Happy couples have healthy appetites, common interests and lots of laughter. If a couple can laugh together on a daily basis, whether it be at each other or about something else, there’s got to be some degree of contentment between them. Laughter is the sign of general human contentment.


Europeans are working hard to tear down the borders between them. Perhaps the ECU (European Community Unit) could bring about unity. But the real borders are between language and tradition, though Europeans, on a whole, tend to live similar lifestyles.©


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  What are we fighting for?
Let go and get good
By Madame Suno
Since antiquity, people have been vying over property rights. It didn’t matter whether it was fire, water, earth or air. Men, women and children could always find some element that they treasure so much that they didn't want anyone else to have any of it. In the film, The God’s Must Be Crazy, the bushmen fought over a Coca-Cola bottle that dropped from the sky, mysteriously. One empty bottle wreaked absolute havoc in a village where life normally was conducted in a peaceful and harmonious manner. The children wanted to play with it. The women wanted to roll clay with it. The men wanted to fill it with water to irrigate their crops. It was a ridiculous reason for war to break out but, nonetheless, it caused unmitigated turmoil.

The missing element that would have solved this problem for the bushmen was that there were more Coke bottles where that one came from. This is the thing that most of us forget—if there is one of them, there is likely to be another.

Think about the many lands settled by colonists. No matter how many islands are overtaken, or how many fields and mountainsides are won in battle, there is always another waiting to be conquered.

Even on a planet where we’ve tripled our population in less than 50 years to total over six billion, there is still unclaimed, uncharted land.

How can that be? Simple--because the universe is bigger than we are. It’s a whole lot bigger than we think it is.

There is more than enough for everyone. But those who think there isn’t try to keep those who know there is from getting it; or those who think there isn’t enough for everyone are being spoofed by those who know (oh so well) that there is plenty to go around. The more people who become aware that abundance is our natural right and should be our natural state of existence, the closer we will come to living as we were made--in the image and likeness of Goddess.

The Garden of Eden is present because matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Any lack we suffer, then, must be in our mental conceptions and not in the real world. Once we understand that everything we need is here and present, we can manipulate life and energy so that we can attain and obtain anything we desire. It’s simple. But the thought process takes some people longer than others. So, it appears as if someone else is getting everything he wants so much faster than I am. When, in reality, the only difference between him and me is that he claims what he desires while I lament about what I don’t have. Think Rich!!!

There’s nothing to fight for or over, since everything that any one of us could possibly desire already exists in one form or another.© © ©

Tapping into the Source of All Things

Before you buy milk, you ascertain the need for it. If not for coffee, tea, cereal or another substance with which you use milk, you must want to drink a glass of it or use it in a recipe. First, you establish the need before you go buy milk. Likewise, she who drives a Ferrari, Mercedes Benz or Rolls Royce establishes a need for that vehicle before purchasing it. Unless, of course, it was given to her. In that instance, she needs the guy who gave it to her. Regardless, the need for it must be clear in order for it to manifest.

Today, people need violence, greed and lack. As the human race changes, consciousness is raised and peace, love and abundance permeate Planet Earth. This is inevitable and will occur even more as people consciously desire and need it to happen. Rest assured, Heaven is on Earth.© © ©

Pictures of health
By Dr. Rosey Livalyfe

Improve your health simply by keeping on display photographs of you looking healthy, happy and serene. Find those photos that you treasure the most and put them in fancy, beautiful frames. The Hindu temples are full of beautifully framed drawings, prints and photos of the Divine Krishna.

The Vatican is also loaded with artwork of angels and saintly paintings of Mother Mary and other holy people. See yourself as holy and clean, and your body will adapt to your idea of yourself. This is a basic truth, but we too often overlook it because we’re trying to live up to society’s version of “normalcy”.

See yourself as Divine, a beauty, serene, happy, through replicas of yourself, framed and sitting on your mantle. Yes, you can put the family photos out. But how about a gorgeous picture of yourself, alone and unaccompanied. Think of yourself as Divine and you will exude divinity to everyone who is connected with you. Try it. You might like it! ©

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