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    Volume II, Issue 2
JUNE 2001  
The Spirit of SUMMER

As SPRING breezes into SUMMER WINDS, the Sun bakes our skin and fills us with the warm knowing that we are Children of a Mighty and Loving Creator! This issue is dedicated to that knowing and the possibilities that remembering promises.

Plug Into Your Power Source
By Andrew Moss

We’ve all heard that God is a creator and since we are made in the image and likeness of God, that means we are creators, as well, and we have access to the same energy that created the Earth.

The process of creation is one of the most important things we can understand for two reasons. First, because it’s responsible for EVERYTHING that is showing up in our lives and, second, because it’s ALWAYS in effect and it’s either working to our advantage or to our disadvantage. Therefore, if we want to take control of our lives and create the events, people and things that we would like to see show up, we must first understand the finer details of the process of creation.

Every creation begins with a thought or a desire. Desire is extremely important because it summons Life Force energy through us from the area near our heart. Life Force is the energy that is all around us that creates everything from a galaxy to a grain of sand. It’s not something we can see, but just like electricity, when we tap into it, we can experience many of the benefits of its power. Life Force energy has a very high vibration and feels very good as it flows through us. The word we use to describe it is passion. We all know that passion is one of the strongest, most beautiful feelings we can experience and that is because we have creative energy, or the energy of God, moving through us. Now, if we focus on that desire, feel the passion that it produces and not let anything interfere, in time, we will experience that desire.

It’s like electricity flowing through a light. First you must plug it in (desire) and tap into the energy source (Life Force). Then, the energy flows through it (feeling of passion), and finally, there is light (manifestation).

Our natural state is a high vibrating state with Life Force energy flowing through us and the result is a life in which we experience everything we desire. But that’s obviously not happening in our everyday lives. The reason is because we do not maintain that naturally high vibrating state because we allow ourselves to focus on things that introduce a slower vibration, in turn, cutting off the flow of the creative Life Force energy. That is why we feel bad. In fact, negative emotion is actually the result of allowing a slower vibration to move through us.

Can you imagine what it would be like if you let a thick, slimy syrup flow through a beautiful high powered water fountain? It would not work and you can imagine what would come out. That’s what happens to us and that’s why we feel bad so much of the time. The way we do this is instead of remaining focused on our desire, we start to worry about it and doubt that it will come about, or we give our attention to things that we don’t want. The negative feeling we experience is actually a warning system designed to alert us to the fact that we are interfering with our creative process. Unfortunately, what we’ve done is we’ve learned to ignore that negative feeling and we’ve actually become numb to it so that we don’t feel it anymore because it’s just too uncomfortable.

Imagine if we’re driving on the highway and we start drifting to the side. The grooves in the road are designed to warn us that we’re going off-course by creating an uncomfortable feeling. If we don’t change our direction, we will crash. Negative emotion is the same thing. That bad feeling is designed to tell us that we’re off-course and we must change what we’re focusing on to get back on-course. Now, imagine that we’re driving on the grooves and instead of adjusting our direction, we just get used to the uncomfortable feeling and then become numb to it. People that go through life constantly feeling negative emotion have done just that, they’ve decided to ignore the warning system and, therefore, will remain off-course. This will then create more things they do not want in their lives which will produce more slower vibrating, negative feelings and the cycle will continue.

We must not allow our everyday reality to affect the way we feel because if we do, we lose our connection to our Life Force energy. Our ability to create the life we desire is dependent on our remaining connected to our Power Source. That’s not difficult when things are going our way, it’s when they’re not that we are challenged to remain open to the Life Force. When we can do that, we will then create and experience all of our desires. - AM

“Desire, ask, believe, receive.” - S. T. Mann

Reprinted with permission
Andrew Moss is the author of the book "From Illusion To Reality - Book 1 - A Simple Guide For Improving Your Life" which will be released in September 2001. The book will not be sold in bookstores, only online and through an 800 #.

Lifetime Affirmations
By Joan Cartwright

My experience has been that only one word opens the possibilities of positivity in my life: ASK

  • ASK and you shall receive
  • SEEK and you shall find
  • KNOCK and the door will be opened

Each day, I use these Lifetime Affirmations from
The I AM Discourses:
Ascended Master Instruction
(pp 102-104)

  1. I move within the core of the Ray from the Great Central, Spiritual Sun, and 'I AM' always within Its Invincible Protection!


  2. Reveal to me something that will put my finances, which are mine by Divine Right, into my hands quickly; and sustain me in it, through overwhelming and everlasting Light and Love! Open Your Channels for my Mighty Supply! Put it in my hands now and continue it permanently!


  3. God! Open all channels for my money supply now, and I accept nothing else! Dispense this in Thy Perfect Way through me in Wisdom and Love!


  4. I, Christ, the 'Beloved Mighty I AM,' being declared and to nothing else turning, show thee hidden riches from Secret Places.


  5. I stand with God, the Supreme, Reigning, Conquering "I AM Presence'; and as that 'I AM Presence,' I do not want for any god thing! God! Give me some money now, today!


  6. This home is sealed in the Heart of the Cosmic Light and Love, and every right desire is created instantly!


  7. The moment you fight a thing, it fights you back!


  8. Live every moment of the day in the Consciousness of the All-powerful Presence of God in you. Say to yourself: "I have the Mighty Presence of God in me, and I do not give recognition or power to anything else!"


  9. Only the Ascended Host of Light can contact me mentally this day!"


  10. There are no personalities! There is only God in Action at every point! 'I AM' the only 'Presence' acting!


  11. My Great Love Self, I do receive instantly all of everything I require!"


  12. Always give praise and thanks for the Wondrous Radiation and Sustaining Power of your Mighty I AM Presence!

Everyday, I receive an email message from a devotee of Sai Baba, the Indian Avatar. I found this message to be in line with the content of GaiaNews, this quarter.

Dear Sai Bhakta,

Sai Ram,

You must concentrate first on purity. For this, you have to reduce your desires gradually. It is not practical to give up all desires totally. But limit your desires to the essential minimum. Do not cherish excessive or endless desires in respect of wealth or other possessions. Promote a sense of contentment. The discontented man loses everything. Only the contented man can experience real joy. The contented man is the richest man. The rich man can have no sleep. You must no doubt earn enough to meet your reasonable needs. But excessive wealth is undesirable.
Have a nice day,
Sai Pages

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