Volume III, Issue 3
May 2003   

The beauty of life is in a rose.

David Gray


by Joan Cartwright, M.A.

MAY is always filled with soft rains, chirping birds, greenest lawns, hints of heat that summer will brings. May sets us still, making us more grateful than ever that we are alive. We can count on May to be pleasant, with beckoning mornings of sunlight and stillness. The Earth is at rest, surrounded by her blossoms of Love, She lays back, takes a deep breath and quietly weeps at the amazement of her Creation.

Reaping what's been sown in months past is the possibility Gaia offers those who are keen enough to understand this Simplicity. Young sprouts have become clusters of amazing life food, tomatoes, mangos, and, yes, roses.

Ideas are effervescent. New moves, change that sweeps away the cobwebs of life already lived, yet teeming to be explored and experienced!

Challenges met become the harvest of Springtime. We make decisions in Spring that were unforeseen in Winter. We stretch, we grow, like the croton, crocus and rosebud. We flower anew, make new plans and fulfill them, helping ourselves fulfill our purpose and destiny. It's true! Spring can really hang you up the most!

Thank you Beloved Mighty
I AM Presence for Spiritual Guidance


Gaia by Anthony Burks

A Celebration
Mother Earth
Women in Jazz

 Divine Mother Links


GaiaNews 2003 Joan Cartwright, M.A.


Love Supercedes All!

Take responsibility for your Divinity

And you will be happy.

A squirrel can cross the wire

And you can be happy.

Thorns are on roses,

The most beautiful thing in nature.

Rather than miserable trying to be happy,

Choose to be happy.

Love and Light,
Grateful Goddess
Have a rich day!

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